Hurry with the speed of light to join this sci-fi packed space adventure with two freelancers of the galaxies, level-headed Jacob and his foolhardy sidekick Ethan!

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Our games are puzzle filled adventures with snarky humor and rich with beautifully detailed maps. The stories will take you on an exciting journey through wondrous places and the varying puzzles offer brain-teasing entertainment.

We draw ideas from many things but the good old adventure games such as The Legend of Kyrandia, Broken Sword, Monkey Island and The Dig for example, have inspired us the most on our own game development path.

Our very first game is now available on Steam!

Tales of Esferia: ARAXIS

A story-driven puzzle adventure with a shared spotlight between two intergalactic freelancers, who get dragged into a series of peculiar events happening on a strange alien planet.



We are a small indie game dev team from Finland, consisting of gamers who focus on developing old-school, pixel graphic games — the kinds we used to play as kids. And as adults. Heck, we never stopped playing them nor do we intend to!

We pour our hearts and souls into every project in hopes of being able to create something great, something that gives that nostalgic feeling with a gentle blast from the past! But whether you are a kid of the 80's and 90's — having grown up with games like these — or a bit newer batch, but still having that appreciation towards the old games and the style they represent — we hope you enjoy playing our games as much as

we enjoy making them!


We currently publish games on PC.



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